Why we exist

Critical Sisters put women and girls first.  We challenge legislators, funding bodies and policy makers to recognise the harm that can be done to women and girls by being inclusive of conservative ideologies.

Critical Sisters exists to discuss ideas without hatred. It is important to highlight the difference between discussing ideologies and disrespecting individuals. Whether someone holds a religious belief or the belief that they possess a gender identity is irrelevant to us.

We Will

Be unapologetic in our criticism of beliefs and not shy away from controversial topics for fear of causing offence

Provide a platform for left-wing women who have     been silenced from discussing the harms of religion and gender

Respond to consultations where proposed changes may be to the detriment of the rights and safety of women and girls

Aim to persuade legislators, funding bodies and policy makers to first and foremost recognise that women are the group most likely to be discriminated against

Offer a left-wing critique of beliefs in religion and gender identity and demand that the media recognises a plurality of opinions on ‘sensitive issues’